How To Start Your own Food & Beverage Franchise in Canada – Our TOP10 to choose from this 2019

Food and beverages should always be of a high quality and of course score with the required freshness. These requirements must be observed when starting a franchise. In addition, you should think about the product selection. Which articles are desired, which assortment would you like to set up? Of course, a large selection is useful, but the overview should not be lost. The presentation of the products is also decisive. Pay attention to the correct storage. The location of your company should of course also be considered.

Year-on-year Growth
Size of business (m2)
Investments (C$ Thousand)
Licence fee

% 5.1

est. 10-35

est. 10-45

% 3

% 2.6

est. 10-75

est. 45-50

% 9

% 2.9

est. 30-45

est. 15-20

% 5

% 4.6

est. 50-90

est. 25-35

% 6

% 5.1

est. 5-15

est. 40-90

% 7

% 9.1

est. 30-70

est. 30-60

% 4

The competition can be invigorating or also represent a strong impairment. Perhaps you would like to use attractive partner programs? Here you should act as critically as possible. Not every program is suitable for your specific case. So always adapt the selection to your current situation. Keep current products and do without less lucrative products. It is important that your company is financially rewarding and that you can identify with the concept.